Our range of classes

We’ve worked exclusively with experts accredited by the Meditation Association of Australia in order to create the most practical and accessible content for our 30+ unique classes.


An awareness practice that focuses on the breath and parts of the body, to promote feelings of being present and fulfilled, even on a Monday. 


Even the most motivated among us need more than a double shot (of coffee) some mornings. These visual classes emphasise positivity and energy, to set the tone for your day. 


Gratitude-focused sessions, with an emphasis on kindness to yourself and others, something we could all use amongst the stressors and pressures of the work-life unbalance. 


If you try not to take the office home, this visualisation and body scan practice will help you unwind at the end of the day and prepare for sleep…or dinnertime with the kids.

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How it works

Step 1
Book your session online. Classes run throughout the day for 25 minutes each (check the timetable here).

Step 2
Arrive at least 5 minutes before your class and set yourself up on a bench, on the floor, with a blanket – however you’re most comfortable.

Step 3
Feel supported as an expert facilitator intros the session and is present throughout.

Step 4
Enjoy the immersive experience of your pre-recorded class (we do this for audio clarity and consistency) accompanied by thoughtfully paired backing music.

Step 5
When your meditation has finished chat to the facilitator and fellow meditators over a complementary tea or filtered water.

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