Group meditation studio 

Where the magic happens. With sound and lighting designed to optimise practice conditions and an experienced facilitator to guide you through.  

Boutique meditation studio

For the lone ranger, this space can be booked by our members and allows you to follow your own program or just rest and enjoy the soothing sounds of nature

Post-mediation lounge

Who said meditation wasn’t social? If you’re not ready to get back online just yet, enjoy a complimentary tea with your classmates and facilitator after your practice. 

Energy pods

Designed by MetroNaps, these state-of-the-art pods are available if you’re in need of a power nap, or just some alone-time to meditate.


We’re people-people and you won’t find a friendlier bunch. You would be too if you got to hang out in a mediation studio all day. Ask us for advice, join us for a chat, or just wave hello on your way into the studio. Find us here.