MYND Studios

MYND was Founded in 2019 by James and Sam, two ex-corporate workers who were looking for a place in the city to help them mentally recharge. Two years later, MYND Studios in Barangaroo opened to be that place.

Designed by award winning architects Tom Mark Henry, every aspect of the studio has been created to help you unwind. With a comprehensive wellbeing program including best in class meditation and yoga classes, nap pods, massage services and relax zones – MYND is here to help you press pause and recharge.

Meditation - Group Classes

Our Audio Guided classes have been created by experts accredited by the Meditation Association of Australia exclusively for MYND. With over 30 unique, 25 minute classes across four categories there is something for every time of the day and mood. All classes have a MYND meditation facilitator present throughout and you can learn more here. Prefer to be guided by a facilitator? Our “live” classes are teacher led so you can meditate to your favourite MYND team member live in the studio!

Meditation - Self Guided

Want to follow your own meditation program? Take a break from the world? Our self guided studio is available for those moments when you just want a place to come and enjoy some alone time. Available between 10.30am and 6.30pm it’s a space specially designed for me time and can be booked by emailing in or simply turning up!

Movement - Yoga

Headlining our movement offering is our yoga practice. Designed to provide both physical and mental benefits expect to find increased strength, flexibility, self-awareness and focus from moving mindfully through postures. Whether you want to benefit from slow, long poses or active, energetic sequences we have a range of classes to provide you with whatever your body needs in that moment – learn more about our yoga classes here.

Movement - Stretch & Meditate

Looking to reduce the aches and strains of sitting at a desk without having to change for a yoga class? Our Stretch and Meditate session is designed to help realign your body through 4-5 long hold stretches over a 25 minute period accompanied by a live guided meditation. The best part is that you don’t need to change – the class can be undertaken in normal work clothes as all the hard work is done by gravity!

Recovery - Nap Pods

Whether you’ve had a bad night sleep, big deadline or late night out, our Metro Nap pods are here to help! These futuristic recliners are designed to create the perfect mid-day break, through clever use of light, sound and vibration you’ll walk out 20 minutes later feeling refreshed and ready to go!

Recovery - Massage

Our on-site massage therapist, Kanna Lim has a Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy and will be on hand to help your body to recover from days spent at the desk. The massages will be in 30 minute blocks with two options to choose from (simply select style when arrive):

  • Relaxation – a gentle massage to help calm the mind, concentrate on the present moment and relieve the body of stress, anxiety and tension.
  • Remedial – massage and stretching techniques used to target specific areas of the body that are sore, tight or causing discomfort and pain
There will be a 15 minutes break between each booking to allow for cleaning and sanitisation because your health and safety are our number 1 priority. Please enquire with Kanna if you would like to claim your massages through your health fund providers.