Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we’re most frequently asked. For anything thats not here just give us a shout here!

Before Class

  • Yes, to ensure everyone is comfortable all classes have a maximum capacity. You can book your class here
  • Just say hi to the friendly team at the front desk and they’ll show you the ropes.
  • It’s always nice to start in a relaxed state of mind, so we would recommend getting to the studio ten minutes before your class. For the benefit of fellow meditators, once the class starts, we are unable to accept late entrants.
  • Please try to let us know in advance by contacting us here so that someone else can enjoy your slot. If you weren’t able to give us prior warning, still get in touch and we will try to help.
  • For members, our self-meditate studio is open so even if you miss your class, you won’t have to miss your practice.
  • We have two types of lockers available – open access shelving for quick storage and full size lockers with combination locks for your valuables.
  • We have two, single cubicle change rooms.
  • Completely up to you. Whether you want to stay in your work clothes or get changed into something more comfortable – both are perfect. All we ask is that you do wear something!
  • Again, this is up to you – whatever makes you feel the most comfortable for your class
  • Just yourself. For the benefit of your fellow meditators, we ask that you leave your phone (off or on silent) and personal belongings in the lockers provided.
  • You won’t be alone. We expect that a lot of people that visit us will have not meditated before. There is no experience required to join any of our classes, however, we are running introduction classes which we would recommend as a first-timer (see our classes here)
  • If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask any of our team in the studio or contact us here.

During Class

  • All of our guided sessions have been created exclusively for MYND by experts with 25+ years’ experience and are accredited members of the Meditation Association of Australia.
  • Our sessions have been designed to be relatable, practical and accessible. Find out more about our classes here
  • This is to provide audio clarity and consistency, which together create optimal conditions for meditation. This means regardless of what day you come, what class you attend or where you sit in the room you will benefit from the highest quality experience possible – and can maximise the benefits.
  • Classes take around 24 minutes, consisting of a 20-22 minute guided meditation and 2-4 minutes of intention setting, explanation and summarising by our expert facilitators.
  • There will be an expert facilitator present throughout the entire class. They will also be available after the class to answer any questions you have.
  • However you’re most comfortable. We have bench seating around the outside of the studio, floor space in the middle for sitting or lying and plenty of cushions and bolsters. So nothing can get in the way of you finding the optimal position to maximise your meditation experience.
  • Meditation for the majority of people is a safe and beneficial experience. While we have taken steps to ensure our classes are as accessible as possible, there could be instances where certain elements of a meditation “trigger” an adverse condition, particularly where there are pre-existing psychological conditions.
  • If you have any concerns regarding this, we recommend seeking professional approval before undertaking a class, as well as making our facilitators aware so we can suggest certain classes and look out for you.

After Class

  • We provide complementary water and herbal teas so you can leave hydrated and ready to face the world!
  • Your facilitator will be available in case you want to ask any questions about your class or just have a general chat. If you would prefer to ask a question via email, you can contact one of our friendly team here.
  • We have complementary water and tea in the waiting area. Please quietly get the attention of the facilitator if you’d like water at any point during a session.