The MYND Membership

Unlimited Meditation Classes

  • Unlimited access to MYND’s audio guided classes with ~100 a week to chose from
  • Benefit from 30 unique classes including Mindfulness, breath work, Loving Kindness and body tension release

Unlimited access to the Self Guided Studio

  • Our members only Self Guided Studio is open every day from 7.30am to 7.00pm
  • Whether you want to meditate on your own or simply sit in peaceful silence, the studio is your dedicated escape from the noise of the modern world

Discounted Nap Pod rates

  • Members can book Nap Pods for $15 per booking (25 mins) vs. non-member pricing of $25

Priority Booking Rights

  • Meditation Classes – non-members face restrictions on booking in advance, whereas members can always book 30 days in advance
  • Nap Pods – members can book 7 days in advance while non-members can only access availability 2 days in advance

Key Terms and Conditions

  • No Joining Fee or Administration Fee is payable
  • Minimum Commitment Period is 12 weeks after which your Membership will continue with billing occurring every 2 weeks in advance
  • At the end of the 12 weeks, you can cancel at any point with 2 weeks’ notice
  • MYND will provide at least 2 weeks’ notice of any Fee increases
  • Membership can be frozen at the discretion of management for a weekly fee

Any further questions? Contact us here.