Our Classes

Yin + Mobility

A myofascial focused practice that combines a Yin with joint mobility. We prepare your body and nervous system for longer, deeper holds by improving joint mobility. This is a beginner accessible class and is suitable to those who feel stiff or inflexible

Flow + Yin

The fusion of Flow & Yin is perfect harmony. Depending on the class length we take you through a juicy but fluid 30 minute Flow followed by either 15 or 30 mins of a calming yin style practice, breath work and a delicious savasana

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa is a dynamic style of hatha yoga that connects movement to breath. A Vinyasa practice cultivates heat in the body using traditional postures as well as incorporating flowing creative sequences of movement that gets you moving in ways you have never moved before

Active Flow

This flow class is designed for the active corporate achiever in mind! For those that are bound to their desk and want to get to the mat and move, this creative, playful sequence is challenging, energetic and strong. Will leave you feeling invigorated to power through the rest of your work day

Our Teachers

Liz Holman – Head of Movement Practice

How many years have you been teaching yoga?
I’ve been practising regularly since 2008 and teaching since 2011

How do you stay mindful off the mat?
It’s time spent in the garden or hiking always helps me connect back to myself. I also love spending quality time with family and friends.

What most excites you about teaching at MYND?
Building and reconnecting with a loyal community of practitioners and bringing wellness to the Barangaroo community

Bevan Pfeiffer